Bangladesh Flood Disaster Relief

Donate £10 for a ‘food & medical pack’ that will go towards the flood victims.

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Right now, millions of vulnerable people in Bangladesh are facing the effects of devastating floods caused by heavy rainfalls over the past couple of weeks in Sylhet and Sunamganj, in the North-eastern region of Bangladesh.

Approximately 2 million people residing on the bank of the Surma-Kushiyara river have been hit the hardest by the floods, and many have been made stranded due to rising water levels.

Tragically, dozens of people have already lost their lives, and more lives continue to be at risk. Thousands of people have had to be evacuated, and now look on as their homes, livelihoods, crops, roads, and schools remain submerged by the devastating floods. What’s more, approximately 50,000 families have been without power for days in the Sylhet city area due to the submergence of power stations, depriving people of vital electricity. Without immediate action, the impact of the floods will continue to be detrimental to the lives of vulnerable people in the region.

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What we will do with your donation

  • Distribute Essential Food & Water to vulnerable people
  • Distribute Essential Medial Packs
  • Help Aid in safety of residents fleeing danger
  • Collaborate with other Aid Organisation in the region for wider support


  • Bag of Rice / Lentils
  • Salt / Sugar
  • Canned / Dry Food
  • Drinking Water
  • Saline
  • Pain Killers

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2 mil +

Residents Displaced by extreme flooding

10,000 +

Villages effected


Area of Sylhet flooded

5,000 +

Homes without electricity or running water